Artist Statement


I use arm-knitting and drawing to prompt a supernatural point-of-view that places humans within cycles of obsessiveness and grief. Occultism acts as a tool in relieving grief of bodily death through fantasy and inter-dimensional communication.

This psychological relief is cyclical, tenacious, and temporary. Knits take on different shapes calculated by sacred geometry and occult numerology to map how a viewer walks around the knits. This mapping implicates the viewer into participating in a constructed ritual.

Expectations of perfection and reality are reflected in drawings of knitting patterns. The drawings form charts and show a process of spellwork and mathematical calculations, but do not provide clear instructions on how to begin or finish the execution. There is a false expectation of producibility within written patterns.

The use of tender and dark aesthetics mirror hidden sigils about death. These aesthetics rely on blurring lines between what is fake or real, and the possibility that supernatural activity is present through practiced repetition and concentrated will.